In's mill

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In’s Mill is a cultural space to present traditional lifestyle and cultural influences of Jeju Island. Seungji Mun, a designer born in Jeju Island, wishes to reinterpret Jeju as a local with a viewpoint of an indeginous. With In’s company, Mun started to rebuild an old warehouse.


Jeju Island has been rapidly gentrified as Jeju is popularised and people started to focus on nature and beauty of the island.- Mun wanted to present the genuine culture of Jeju under these unhappy circumstances as a local.


Key elements of Jeju are melted into the exterior / interior of In’s mill by using local basalt(as the entire soil of the island consists of granite), indegenous flora including Jeju palm tree and traditional thatched roof. Unique textures matured with a long time is maintained on the walls, floor and ceiling of the mill. And the big windows make people be able to enjoy nature of Jeju itself.


In’s mill presents delicious drinks made of Jeju barley and a wide range of Jeju traditional desserts. And creates interesting events and shows to introduce the genuine local identity of Jeju Island.