Mun suggested that the viewer would have time to reflect on the preciousness of *Hangul through this space experience by approaching and interpreting the geometrical characteristics of Hangul in 3D through this work.


Mun created visitors depart from the starting point of the huge Styrofoam sculpture into the Hangul. Walking along a line of space like a labyrinth surrounded by a curved high wall, you would finally get a message about the meaning of space through a mirror from the ceiling.  At the same time it testifies to the natural process of the movement as a series of forgetfulness in our lives.

The preciousness that have not seem close - The value in everyday life that is not illuminated by the familiarity of being is innumerable. Air makes our bodies breathe and Hangul makes our lives breathe as language one and only.


Mun has fully focused on Hangul for this work piece and he hoped this would be an opportunity to think about the importance of Hangul that we did not realize and recognize because it is too close.

*Hangul is the Korean alphabet that has been used to write the Korean language since the 15th century.