Look inside furniture colluection is a new shape of furniture design. It was designed by South Korean Designer “Seungji Mun” collaborating with Nail polish Brand “Deborah lippmann Korea”

It was exhibited in The Gallery A.D.M in Seoul in the form of a "pop-up store" in February 2016. Seungji Mun, the designer, says about his work, “Every people and things have their own respective story. If we want to listen to the real story of each person and thing, we should, firstly, be concerned about them. Every real story comes from the inside.”

Various furniture were made by processing a steel plate with a laser machine.

Also, Flowers were placed inside the empty spaces of furniture, which only could be seen through the reflection of mirrors. It is the artwork which tells the story of the Deborah Lippmann brand’s products.

ⓒ Seungji Mun